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November 29, 2018
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November 30, 2018

Full Day Spa Batam – Batam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago, and not long ago it was just marginal poor island in the manner of coastal villages and unspoiled nature.

The upholding of the Batam free trade zone in 1989 has turned the island upside down. After just a few years of short construction it now has a forward looking airport, tourist and concern centers and a still growing infrastructure that has changed the island completely.

Batam is actually one of fastest growing tourist destinations in Indonesia in terms of visitor arrivals. There are several tourist resorts here following luxurious hotels and golf courses.

Many visitors however pick to use Batam only as an admittance point, it is isolated 40 minutes from Singapore once boat, and next depart as soon as the first user-friendly transport to new destinations in Indonesia.

Full Day Spa Batam

full day spa batam

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If you are here for a weekend getaway, next you should not miss out this Things to reach and Must see in Batam:

1. The best Water Sports in Batam

Whether you set off on your canoe in the broad sea or just witness the underwater world in its myriad hues as you go snorkelling, Batam wont let you down. You can along with attempt jet skiing, waterboarding, banana ship rides, wakeboarding and hoverboarding even if youre here.

The Batam Cable Ski Park is the area if you are looking to set your adrenaline hurrying behind unbelievable water sports. further recommended clubs that organise water sports here are Turi seashore Resort Cabana Club, Batam View beach Resort and Pura Jaya beach Resort.

2. Sunset at Barelang Bridge

Sunset at Barelang Bridge, known for offering stunning views of the vibes sun. The bridge is an engineering marvel majestically spanning the water and connecting Batam Island like Galang Island. You probably took some of the best pictures at this spot.

3. Scuba Diving

Even though you have curtains scuba diving many times before, its one concern you cant resist from exploit once more and again. Batam offers some of the best diving a skin condition and brings you happening close and personal to the lovely marine life. Youll be clever to spot pristine coral reefs, stingray, clownfish (fondly referred to as nemo, parrotfish and angelfish!

Recommended places to go scuba diving in Batam: Abang Island (the most well-liked option, as it is surrounded by small islands around), Petong Island, Hantu Island, Labun Island.

On your visit to these islands, youll be clever to spot combined tour operators which can organise dives for you. We suggest you undertake proper training and keep a day aside for diving, as it can acknowledge a couple of hours.

4. Relaxing smear at Club Med

After checking-in, the first issue you did was enroll myself for a three daylight spa experience at the Spa at Club Med resort. The herb infused treatments transported your city-tired soul into a world of perfect bliss and relaxation.

5. all Terrain Vehicle ride

My connections who had been to Bintan recently had heavily recommended that I receive the ATV ride to experience the rugged terrain of Bintan differently.

Being an adventure junkie, this was not a unintended I was going to miss. This experience of riding in an way in motorized buggy was a in reality memorable one.

6. My get into cockpit flight

I must admit. Batam, it offered spectacular views of the long white beachy stretches and glowing ocean waters. It was a slightly expensive affair but worth all penny.

How to Go to Batam?

Just a quick ship ride from Singapore, Batam in Indonesias Riau archipelago is a popular weekend destination and a good side vacation from Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from its close proximity to Singapore, this little island is frequented by visitors because of its extraordinary beaches, elegant resorts, huge shopping malls and vibrant nightlife.

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Tour With Best Full Day Spa in Batam

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